Progress & Accomplishments

Under Secretary for Science and Innovation visits North Slope of Alaska

NGEE Arctic, along with colleagues from ARM and the Arctic Energy Office host Dr. Geraldine Richmond and her staff to Utqiaġvik, AK

NGEE Arctic Completes its Fifth Successful Snow Campaign

In what was a long-awaited activity, a team from LANL, UAF, and ORNL successfully completed its fifth end-of-winter snow campaign at both the Teller 27 and Kougarok 64 field sites.

Systematic Concentration-Discharge Behavior Observed in Permafrost Catchment

Chemostatic concentration-discharge dynamics observed in a headwater catchment underlain with discontinuous permafrost

Talik Formation Observed Across Discontinuous Permafrost in Alaska

Observations at multiple field sites confirm widespread permafrost degradation with implications to thermokarst development, hydrology, and carbon cycle processes

ABoVE Science Team Meeting

Members of the NGEE Arctic team attended the annual NASA ABoVE Science Team meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska

DOE BER Environmental System Science Program PI Meeting, Safety Breakout

The NGEE Arctic project team represented our safety culture at a ‘Safety for field and work travel’ breakout session at the annual DOE BER ESS PI Meeting

High Nitrate Variability on an Alaskan Permafrost Hillslope Dominated by Alder Shrubs

Novel field investigation demonstrates how soil nitrate levels across an arctic landscape are influenced by the presence of nitrogen-fixing shrubs, local topography, and rain events

Sensor Arrays with Unprecedented Vertical and Lateral Resolution

Novel sensor arrays provide high-accuracy depth-resolved measurements of snow and soil temperature and soil deformation, and open the door for the deployment of dense sensor networks.

Quantifying pH Buffering Capacity in Acidic, Organic-Rich Arctic Soils

Soil pH buffering capacity correlates with soil water retention in organic-rich Arctic soils, providing a proxy to improve representation of pH buffering in biogeochemical models.

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