Progress & Accomplishments

NGEE Arctic Mid-Phase Review: Phase 3 (2019–2024)

The NGEE Arctic team recently presented our Phase 3 progress and plans to the US Department of Energy’s Biological and Environmental Research program managers.

A conspicuous signal of climate change in high-latitude tundra

The accurate representation of microbial functional guilds within ecosystem models is critical for predicting ecosystem recovery on multi-decadal time scales.

Observed spatial variability of soil pore water geochemistry

Environmental controls on soil pore water concentrations of several solutes are inferred from spatial variability, co-located measurements, and thermodynamic geochemical models.

Iron plaques indicate active belowground redox cycling in saturated soils

Localized Fe plaque formation was identified on roots obtained from Arctic tundra, indicating the potential for these roots to release oxygen gas and alter subsurface redox biogeochemistry.

Reducing uncertainty of Arctic ecosystem models

Combining a data availability and needs analysis for parameters with qualitative causal loop analysis helps to identify parameters that are in most need of additional field data.

Age and chemistry of dissolved organic carbon

Deepening of the thaw layer resulted in increased concentrations and age of DOC in surface and pore waters that may contribute to greenhouse gas emissions as warming increases permafrost thaw.

Climate change impacts on high-latitude carbon assimilation

Analysis highlights the challenges and opportunities for reducing model uncertainty associated with estimation of gross primary productivity in the Arctic boreal region.

Impact of short-term warming on carbon and nitrogen cycling

Isotopic labels elucidate the impact of a single warm growing season on belowground interactions among plants, soils, and microbes.

Rapidly changing high-latitude seasonality

Regional modeling study shows that twenty-first century climate warming will shift the seasonality of the carbon cycle across Alaska.

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