NGEE Safety Training Requirements

(Last Updated/Reviewed February 12, 2020)

NGEE Arctic participants and collaborators must view the required safety videos and read the required safety manuals to be approved for field and laboratory work at NGEE Arctic facilities in Alaska.

NOTE: Participants and collaborators are strongly encouraged to complete all training requirements prior to travel because computers and internet connectivity are limited at the Alaska sites.

Accessing the Training Materials

Training materials are only available on this page and an NGEE-Arctic website login is required to view them.

  • ORNL participants may access Training Materials with their ORNL UCAMS login UID and password.
  • Other participants and collaborators may access Training Materials with their website UID and password.

Click the "LOGIN" text in the top right of the page to login.

Gaining Access to the NGEE-Arctic Site

If you are not a registered website user, please request an account and you will receive an e-mail notification with your account information between 24 to 48 hours after your request has been submitted.

Upon successful completion of the training requirements you will receive e-mail notification from NGEE-Arctic Management that you are approved for field and laboratory work at the NGEE-Arctic sites and facilities.