Progress & Accomplishments

Metadata and NGEE Arctic Search Tool Metrics

View metrics about the NGEE Arctic metadata records and data downloads.

Data Policy Reminder

A friendly reminder about the NGEE Arctic Project Data Archiving & Sharing Policy that aligns with the DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management and the expectations of the ESS-DIVE data center.

Permafrost researchers discuss science communication & data synthesis

NGEE Arctic researchers participated in the Permafrost Carbon Network’s 11th annual meeting this fall

Projected effects of thaw subsidence on permafrost hydrology in a warming Arctic

Simulations of permafrost thermal hydrology indicate that thermokarst formation leads to drier tundra but is unlikely to cause abrupt thaw as had been suggested by previous modeling studies.

NGEE Arctic All-Hands meeting is quickly approaching!

You don’t want to miss our 11th annual all-hands meeting so be sure to register.

Well-drilling at Teller site

Drilling campaign quantifies bedrock to surface properties and confirms the subsurface structure imaged with geophysical methods.

Training & safety a priority with NGEE Arctic field teams

The NGEE Arctic LANL snow survey team enrolled in a two-day Wilderness First Aid training to improve their skills in responding to medical emergencies in remote Alaska.

Topography drives variability in thermakarst pools

Scientists tracked the growth of thermokarst pools throughout the Arctic and found that the amount of topographic relief in a landscape correlates strongly with this signal of permafrost thaw.

Net ecosystem exchange in ice-wedge polygon tundra

Multi-scale, multi-type Arctic tundra datasets enabled the submeter estimation of daytime average net ecosystem exchanges.

Metadata and NGEE Arctic search tool metrics

Metrics about the NGEE Arctic metadata records and data downloads.