Progress & Accomplishments

Predicting plant traits from leaf-level hyperspectral data

Best practices, a computer package, and hands-on tutorials to guide the application of a powerful technique for prediction of plant traits from hyperspectral data.

Arctic tundra vegetation composition under future climate

Fall and wintertime root and soil biogeochemistry, which are not well represented in large-scale land models, strongly affect 21st century shrub expansion.

Topographical controls on hillslope-scale hydrology drive shrub distributions

Scientists on the NGEE Arctic project find that topography and landscape hydrology are key environmental controls on observed Arctic shrub expansion of the past three decades.

Arctic tundra shrubification

A woodier Arctic will alter the carbon balances by affecting a complex set of soil-plant-atmosphere interactions.

Table Top exercises highlight the importance of communication

Participants across the NGEE Arctic team participated in Table Top exercises for increasing awareness and encouraging improved safety responsiveness to potentially dangerous field work scenarios.

Assessing dynamic vegetation model parameter uncertainty

Model sensitivity and uncertainty varied spatially across the highly heterogeneous Arctic tundra plant communities, illustrating the complexity inherent in model uncertainty in the Arctic.

Lightning Strikes in the Tundra

Combining a climate-flash rate relationship with projections of future climate change shows that lightning strikes will more than double in Arctic tundra by the end of the century.

Metadata and NGEE Arctic search tool metrics

View metrics about the NGEE Arctic metadata records and data downloads.

Book overview: Arctic Hydrology, Permafrost and Ecosystems.

NGEE Arctic scientists contributed to a new Springer book on Arctic hydrology and permafrost research.

NGEE Arctic contribution to US Permafrost Association report emphasizes diversity and inclusion

NGEE Arctic continues to highlight its commitment to creating a safe, secure, open, and inclusive project.