Science Highlights

Demonstration of CLM-PFLOTRAN Coupling Lays a Foundation for Biogeochemistry Simulation Across Scales

A flexible and extensible soil biogeochemistry module for the land component of a multi-scale Earth System Model

Pan-Arctic ice-wedge degradation in warming permafrost and its influence on tundra hydrology

Ice wedges, which are a common subsurface feature in permafrost landscapes, appear to be rapidly melting throughout the Arctic altering the microtopography and causing succession in polygon type that has profound changes to the storage and flow of water on the landscape

Effect of Soil Property Uncertainties on Permafrost Thaw Projections: A Calibration-Constrained Analysis

Exploring potential future climate effects on permafrost using hydrothermal modeling of arctic soils.

Understanding Effects of Warming on Tundra Soil Organic Carbon Degradation Pathways

Study of thawing permafrost uncovers greenhouse gas (CO2 and CH4) precursors and their degradation rates and pathways.