Science Questions

Q1.  How does the structure and organization of the landscape control permafrost evolution and associated C and nutrient fluxes in a changing climate?

Q2.  What will control rates of CO2 and CH4 fluxes across a range of permafrost conditions?

Q3.  How do above- and belowground plant functional traits change across environmental gradients, and what are the consequences for Arctic ecosystem C, water, and nutrient fluxes?

Q4.  What controls the current distribution of Arctic shrubs, and how will shrub distributions and associated climate feedbacks shift with warming in the 21st century?

Q5.  Where, when, and why will the Arctic become wetter or drier, and what are the implications for climate forcing?

Q6.  What controls the vulnerability and resilience of Arctic ecosystems to disturbance, and how do disturbances alter the physical and ecological structure and function of these ecosystems?