2021 NGEE Arctic All hands - Rising Leaders

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Yang, Daryl Multi-scale Remote Sensing of Plant Biodiversity and Functional Traits in the Arctic Tundra
Sulman, Benjamin N. Integrating arctic plant functional types into the E3SM Land Model
Lathrop, Emma Analysis of shrub winter snowpack temperatures at Teller and Kougarok
Kumar, Jitu Remote sensing of Arctic vegetation distribution, structure and function
Dengel, Sigrid Influence of tundra polygon type and climate variability on CO2 and CH4 Fluxes near Utqiagvik, Alaska
Davidson, Kenneth The water cost of photosynthesis: assessing dynamics of stomatal optimality from the tropics to the Arctic
Carman, Toby Evaluating DVMDOSTEM sensitivity and parameter uncertainty using the PEcAn framework